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Viewing Relational Object Hierarchy
In OneData, you can view a graphical representation of objects that are part of a data hierarchy, using the Data Hierarchy option on the object’s View menu.
To see the object hierarchy, the selected object must be configured to show the following two fields:
*Is Description Column: Designates a column as the object’s description. This is defined in the column of the base object. The description that displays depends on whether one or multiple columns are defined as description columns. If no columns is defined as the description, OneData displays an error message in the graphical viewer.
*Navigation Option: Defined at the relationship level between objects. If not enabled, OneData does not display the relationships.
OneData displays the parent and child relationships for all levels of the selected record.
For more information about object hierarchy, see Implementing webMethods OneData.
* To view the data hierarchy of an object
1. On the Menu toolbar, click View > Browse.
2. Navigate to the conceptual object that you want to view and select it.
3. Click the Values tab to display the records associated with the object.
4. Select the record for which to view the data hierarchy based on the object view mode as follows:
*In tree view, select a parent object in the left navigation panel.
*In advanced parent-child view, select the check box that corresponds to the record for which you want to view the object hierarchy.
5. Click View > Data Hierarchy.
Note: If you are using this option for the first time, you will be prompted to download an applet.
OneData displays the data hierarchy for the selected object.
6. Choose a different layout in the Hierarchy Display selector:
*AR Tree

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