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Enabling Projects in OneData
You can define whether projects are enabled in OneData. When projects are enabled, the project name, user ID, and repository always display at the top right of the screen.
There are three steps to enabling projects:
*Set the system property, Concept of Projects. See the instructions in this section.
*Create a custom project as described in, Creating a Custom Project.
*Assign users to the projects, as described in, Granting Access to a Project.
To perform these steps, you must be authorized to define system properties.
* To enable Projects in OneData
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > System > System Properties.
2. On the System Property tab, scroll to the General section, Concept of Projects property.
3. Select Enable.
4. Click Save or Save & Return.
Now, the Change Project icon displays in the toolbar and the selected project displays beside the user ID at the top of the screen.

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