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Drag and Drop
Select and drag any node to be made as part of another node in the NR tree. If the object is a Temporal object, you can set the required date for the relation to become effective. The moved node will become effective under the new parent node on the specified date.
Consider a CO Temporal Object for which Additional Qualifier has been set as Single Cardinality Relationship. This indicates that the node can have only one parent at a time. On dragging a node to be made part of another, the dragged node will be displayed as part of new parent only on the effective date. Until that date, the node will be displayed as belonging to its previous parent only.
Note: A node set to be made as effective under a new parent cannot be moved to another parent before the first effective date has reached.
For example, consider the following relationship:
This implies that the record Emp E cannot be moved under any other parent before July 1, 2013.
Drag and drop resulting in a cyclic structure is not permitted. For example, Manager M2 cannot be dragged to be part of Emp H.

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