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Viewing Orphan Nodes and Association with Another Node
Example Scenario: View the list of orphan nodes in the network recursive object ‘NRCO_EmpMgr’ and associate the orphan node Emp1 to the node Emp2. The constituent objects of NRCO_EmpMgr are NR_Employee (root node) and NR_EmpMgr (child node).
* To associate an orphan node to another node
1. Change the mode of NRCO_EmpMgr to Flex.
2. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data.
3. Navigate to the required object NRCO_EmpMgr.
4. In the Data Manager screen, select the + icon next to NRCO_EmpMgr in the left pane to expand the tree. Click any node to view its edit <<currently view>> screen in the right pane.
5. Navigate to the Select Axis of NR_Employee tab in the right pane.
6. Select the child object NR_EmpMgr from the drop down shown below the tab.
7. Select the radio button Orphan. It will list the orphan nodes in the object.
8. Select the record Emp1 from the grid and drag it to Emp2 in the tree shown in the left pane.
Tip: You can select multiple orphan nodes by holding down the control key and clicking on the required orphans from the grid. Command hooks can be executed on orphan child entries as well as on associated nodes.
Emp1 will be associated to Emp2 and the tree will be refreshed to show the new association. Associated node(s) will be removed from the list of orphans.
Note: For more information on hooks, see Developing for webMethods OneData.

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