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Exporting Records from Objects
OneData provides the Delivery Options export feature so that you can print, email, or export to Excel the (filtered or non-filtered) records displayed in a result set. You can also generate a summary report of the selected data in HTML, PDF or Excel format.
Note: You must have the sufficient security privileges to use Delivery Options.
* To export records
1. On the Menu toolbar, click View > Browse.
2. Navigate to the object that you want to edit and select it.
3. To display the records associated with the object, do one of the following:
*Click Display Values to display all the records associated with the object.
*Enter filtering criteria to display only records that match specific values or use a saved filter by selecting it from the Select a Filter list. Click Apply Filter.
Note: Click Save Filter to save this filter for future use.
4. Select the records that you want to export.
5. Click Delivery Options and choose one of the following export options:
*Mail Selected Records—Emails the selected records. Complete the mail address fields and choose whether to embed the records or send them as an attachment.
*Mail All Records—Emails all records from the result-set.
*Print Selected Records—Prints selected records to the screen.
*Print All Records—Prints all the records from the result set to a printer.
*Export to Excel—Exports all the records from the result set to Excel.
*Summary Report—Generates a summary report. See Working with Reports for more information.
Note: If audit columns have been enabled, they will also be exported to Excel.
6. Complete the fields in the corresponding pop-up window to complete the data export.

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