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Copying Records
To create a new record from an existing record, you can use the copy record feature (Edit > Copy). You can only copy a single record at a time.
Note: If the record is part of a hierarchy, the copy feature only copies the selected record, not the records that are part of the relationship, such as the child or parent records.
* To copy a record
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data.
2. Navigate to the object that you want to edit and select it.
3. Display the records associated with the object, doing one of the following:
*Click Display Values to display all the records associated with the object.
*Enter filtering criteria to display only records that match specific values and click Apply Filter.
4. Select the record that you want to copy and click Edit > Copy.
5. Enter unique values in the required fields and change other values as needed, and click Save.
OneData creates a new record.

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