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Bulk Updating Records
Use the update bulk feature to update one or more columns with the same value(s) simultaneously. For example, if you want the records in the result set to have the same start and end dates, you can use the update bulk feature.
* To perform a bulk update on records
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data.
2. Navigate to the object that you want to edit and select it.
3. Display the records associated with the object, doing one of the following:
*Click Display Values to display all the records associated with the object.
*Enter filtering criteria to display only records that match specific values and click Apply Filter.
4. Select the records to update and click Edit > Bulk Update.
5. Apply updates to fields, and use the option that corresponds to the data type as describe in the following table. NULLIFY overwrites existing values with a null value.
Data Type
Update Bulk Options
Does not apply except for Optional Database Sequence. Bulk-assign a sequence value.
Bulk-assign numeric values or NULLIFY existing values.
Bulk-assign text, NULLIFY fields, or apply the update as follows:
*Prefix With: Adds the specified prefix to existing values.
*Suffix With: Adds the specified suffix to existing values.
*RPAD: Pad values right (for example: trailing zeros).
*LPAD: Pad values left (for example: leading zeros).
Bulk-assign char text or NULLIFY existing values.
Bulk-assign date or NULLIFY existing values.
Bulk-assign YES or NO. Select Ignore to omit this column during the update.
Bulk-attach the files.
Note: Primary keys cannot be updated and therefore do not display in the Update Bulk screen. Required fields cannot be assigned the NULLIFY attribute.
6. Click Save.

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