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Inserting Records into Temporal Objects
Temporal objects are data objects that are time-variant. Typically a temporal object has a start date and end date that limits the time during which the record is valid. To use the temporal object functionality and to prevent two records from overlapping, either the start date or the end data should be defined as part of the primary key, for example a concatenated key of the record ID and the date. Temporal objects can behave differently based on how the object is configured. For information about the rules and restrictions for using temporal objects, see Temporal Objects Rules and Restrictions.
* To insert multiple records with consecutive end times into a temporal object
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data.
2. Navigate to the object in which you want to add records and select it.
3. Click Insert > Insert Multiple.
4. Enter the values for the records, ensuring that the start and end dates for the records do not overlap and records expire in the correct order. Click Save.
Note: After the record end date is reached, you cannot edit the record.

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