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Inserting Records in Objects
The Insert menu allows you to insert one or multiple records.
In Default mode, Enable Fast Entry option allows you to edit or insert data values manually, instead of selecting from a pop-up or drop-down box. Checking this option in the Filter tab sets the preference for the current session and is available only in Insert and Edit screens. This option is available only in Default mode.
Note: Required columns are designated by a single star (*) and cannot be left blank. The primary key column is designated by a double star (**) and cannot be empty.
You can also import records using an import job or an interchange mapping.
For more information about using these features, see the relevant section in Implementing webMethods OneData.
* To insert one or more records
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data.
2. Navigate to the relevant object and select it.
3. Display the menu options and the records associated with the object by doing one of the following:
*Click the Values tab to display all the records associated with the object.
*Enter filtering criteria to display only records that match specific values. Click Next.
4. Click Insert > Insert or Insert > Insert Multiple.
Note: The number of records you can insert at one time is determined by the value specified in the Number of rows for Edit in the Personalize > Preferences settings.
On the Insert screen, OneData populates default values in any fields where a default is specified. If there are multiple possible default values, OneData applies rules in the following order to determine which default value to use:
*Uses the values specified in the filter if Default value inherit from insert is set to Inherit from filter (defined in Personalize > Preferences). This overrides any other defaults.
*Uses the values defined in the Default Value column of the column structure definition.
5. Enter values for the records and click Save.
OneData inserts the selected record or records.

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