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Configuring the Metadata Repository
Use this menu to add new metadata repositories and manage existing ones through the Metadata Repository Configuration screen. You can configure the connections, passwords, contact information, and preferred language for the repository. When you make changes to an existing repository, OneData propagates them immediately.
* To configure a repository
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > System > Metadata Repository Configuration.
2. Select the configuration option for the metadata repository:
*To add a new repository, click Add New Repository.
*To modify an existing repository, click for the repository.
*To delete a repository, click the Delete icon corresponding to the repository.
3. Update the configuration properties for the repository.
Repository ID
Unique internal ID for the system. Case-sensitive, alphanumeric string. Maximum of 30 characters.
Repository Name
Name of the repository. This displays on the Logon page.
Oracle is the only database supported for metadata. For the data repository and distributing and importing data, all databases that work with JDBC are supported.
Database Version
Select the database version.
Connection Type
A direct JDBC or connection pool connection.
Application Server
Information only.
Application Server Version
Information only.
Connection String / Data Source Name
Connection string corresponding to the connection type:
*Direct connection. Use the string format: jdbc:<dbms>:thin:@<host name>:<port number>:<SID>
For example, jdbc:oracle:thin:@dfiec01:1521:ond
*Connection pool. JNDI name of the connection pool. For example: jndi/dfiec
Database User-ID
User name or owner of the metadata schema in the database.
Database Password
Password associated with the database user name.
Database Schema
Database schema name.
Important: If you are using SQL Server as the database, provide dbo as the Database Schema name.
Administrator Email
Currently not used.
SMTP Gateway
Used for email notifications from OneData.
Repository Description
Information only.
Repository Owner
Information only.
Contact Person
Information only.
Disable Scheduler on This Node
Disables the scheduler from running jobs on a particular OneData instance. This helps when deploying multiple OneData instances in order to isolate the job loads triggered by the scheduler to only few of the OneData instances.
License File Information
Specify the file name of the license.
Preferred Language Support
Indicates the language to use in OneData modules, where internationalization is supported. Users can override this property in the User Preferences. The default language/locale is en-US. Indicate whether this change applies to new or existing users.
4. Click Test Connection to verify that OneData can connect to the repository.
5. Click Save.

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