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Executing the Profile Transfer
You can execute a saved profile two ways:
*Using Job Center. Each time a new profile is created, a job of type transfer metadata is also created. These jobs can be scheduled to run from Job Center.
For more information on how to schedule jobs and execute them, see Implementing webMethods OneData.
*By direct execution. You can execute the profile directly using the Administer > Metadata > Transfer Metadata menu.
* To execute the transfer profile
1. Verify that no other nodes will execute. For more information, see Turning Off Scheduler.
2. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > Metadata > Transfer Metadata.
3. To transfer the metadata, select the relevant profile and click Execute.
4. Verify that the selected values are accurate and click Transfer or Create Metadata File according to which type of profile you are executing.
5. If you are executing a direct transfer profile, OneData may display a prompt asking whether to run the job as a background task.
*Click OK to run the job in the background. OneData returns a token (Job Log ID) that you can use in the Job Center to view the job results.
*Click Cancel to run the profile directly and display the results immediately.
6. When the transfer is complete, clear the cache in the destination repository:
a. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > System > System Consoles > Metadata Repository Console.
b. Click the Clear Cache icon corresponding to the destination repository.

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