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Metadata Constraints
There are some restrictions and constraints governing the type of metatdata that can be transferred. OneData has the following constraints that must be met to successfully transfer metadata.
*Rules Engine: To transfer the rules engine, the STG schema must have the tables RE_RULES and RE_RULE_STEPS.
*Deallocated objects: OneData does not currently support deallocated objects. If an object has been deallocated from a role, then you must manually deallocate the object in the target repository.
*Sequence Data Types. The sequence name and trigger of the object in the target repository are retained during metadata transfer.
*Users. OneData treats user names as case sensitive. User names must be unique in the repository. To avoid errors when transferring objects, do the following:
*If the user associated to an object exists in a different project, transfer the user data (from the project in which the user resides). Then, transfer the object.
*If transferring an object and its clone, transfer the object first, then transfer the clone. Clones have different object names but the same physical object name. If the cloned object is transferred first or simultaneously, it is designated as the physical object in the repository.
*Constraint names. OneData transfers user-defined constraint names. However, system-generated constraint names are different in the source and destination repositories.
*Nova mode foreign key descriptions. OneData transfers the foreign key descriptions of objects configured to display in Nova mode only if all the related objects exist in the destination repository. The column name of the foreign key must be the same in source and destination repository.
Some types of metadata cannot be transferred, such as personalizations and customizations. The following types of metadata cannot be exported:
*Home page customizations (portlets).
*User preferences and user passwords.
*Personalization settings, including favorites, personal reports (my reports), and object personalizations.
*System properties, such as image and template configurations and metadata audit configurations.
*Connection manager STG and PRD connections.

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