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Viewing Message Logs
OneData message logs track all inbound messages that are sent to OneData’s inbound queue. The Message Log screen displays detailed message information, including the message ID, the date and time that OneData received the message, and the message status.
Note: The message logs are available only when Inbound Messaging Mode is set to Default mode in Administer > System > System Properties. To view messages in the Nova mode, use the service layer logs from Administer > Logs > Service Layer Logs.
* To view message logs
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > Logs > Message Log.
OneData displays the Message Logs results. Use the arrows above the columns to scroll through the results.
2. View more information about messages:
*To view the details of a message, click the Message Id.
*To view only failed messages, check the Show Failed messages only check box.
*To refresh the message log, click Refresh.

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