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Archive Snapshot Objects
Temporal Objects versus Archive Snapshot Objects
Archive Snapshot for Cloned Data Objects
Creating Archive Snapshot Objects
Setting an Alternate Effective Date for Archive Snapshots
Viewing an Archive Snapshot Object
Deleting an Archive Snapshot Object
Archive snapshots are an alternate way of achieving auditing in OneData, where every change to data in the Work area creates a corresponding new entry in a Snapshot table. Reports can be generated on the Archive Snapshot table, just as on standard data objects.
Archive Snapshot objects are created in the same folder as the base object, but are visible only in the Release (PRD) area. They are created as temporal objects, which makes it possible to view the history of changes to a record. Every time a change is made to a record in the base object, a new record is added in the corresponding Archive Snapshot object.
Changes made to the structure of the base object, however, are not propagated to the Archive Snapshot object. Structural changes must be manually replicated in the Archive Snapshot object.
The primary key of an Archive Snapshot object is a combination of the base object primary key and the effective start date.

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