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A workflow rule has one or more levels, each of which can be assigned to more than one authorized user or user groups. If a user group is assigned as an approver, any member in the user group can approve the transaction at the designated level. There is no limit to the number of levels allowed in each rule or the number of approvers within each level.
You can define internal or external workflow rules.
*Internal Workflow Rule. The workflow rule is defined in the Workflow Rule Definition screen in OneData. This is the default workflow type in OneData.
*External Workflow Rule. External workflow rules are an extension of data driven workflow, which can be defined using Java hooks. The external system (rule) determines which user or role executes the next step of the OneData workflow. The approver can be selected based on any column value and can be defined in an external system.
The approvers and operators specified in the external workflow rule must be predefined users in OneData. The levels specified in the hook must be within the number of levels specified for that workflow.

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