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Workflow Dashboard
Workflow Report as Graphs
Workflow Report as Summary Tables
System Objects Used In Workflow Dashboard
Configuring MashZone for Workflow Dashboard
Viewing Workflow Dashboards
OneData provides you an interactive visualization of workflow reports through Workflow Dashboard. The Workflow Dashboard implements MashZone, a browser-based interactive dashboard application that is integrated with OneData to retrieve and visually display workflow transactions. For more information about MashZone, see MashZone documentation on Software AG Documentation Website.
The OneData Workflow Dashboard provides two options for viewing workflow reports:
*Graphs. Displays graphs drawn with Updated Date (on X axis) versus Workflow transactions (on Y axis). There are two graphs, one for new and completed workflow transactions and the other for completely approved and rejected workflow transactions. For more information, see Workflow Report as Graphs.
*Summary Table. Displays the top ten pending items based on workflow transactions, objects, and approvers. For more information, see Workflow Report as Graphs.
The Workflow Dashboard displays workflow transactions for the Standard project only. There is a 15 minute time delay between when changes are made to a workflow transaction and when they display in the dashboard.

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