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Mapping Hooks to Workflow
iHooks that interact with OneData data management engine can be mapped to a workflow rule action (to approve or reject a transaction). Once the mapping is done, the iHook is triggered when the record is approved or rejected.
Hooks can be mapped only to the top level object in a conceptual object and the supertype object in a supertype subtype construct. Hooks do not support subtypes.
Prerequisites: A workflow rule is created and associated to the required object. The iHook is also created.
* To map hooks to workflow
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Configuration > Workflow > Workflow Hook Mapping.
2. Click Add New and complete these fields. Fields marked (*) are mandatory
Field Name
* Mapping Name
Name for the mapping.
Mapping Description
Description of the mapping (optional).
* WF Rule
Select the required workflow rule from the drop down.
* WF Level
Shows the levels of the workflow rule selected. Select the level at which to trigger he iHook.
Select n (Creator Feedback) to configure hook for approve or reject actions for a record with Assigned for Creator Feedback status.
Note: When the WF Rule selected is of type External Workflow Rule, this attribute is displayed as a text field for user to enter the level.
* Action
Select Approve or Reject to trigger the mapped iHook on the action.
Select Queue, to trigger an iHook that invokes external workflow when the workflow transaction is assigned to an external user. Queue cannot be mapped to levels 0 (Creator Initiated) or n (Creator Feedback).
* Conceptual Object / Data Object
Select the required object. The conceptual objects and data objects associated with the selected workflow rule are shown.
* iHook
Select the iHook from the drop down.
Select the check box to disable the triggering of mapped hook on the selected Action.
3. Click Save.

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