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Creating Workflow Rules
Workflow rules can be internal or external. Internal workflow rules are the default rule type. Use this procedure to create a workflow rule.
* To create a workflow rule
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Configuration > Workflow > Workflow Rules.
2. Click Add New Rule.
3. Select the rule type as internal or external. By default Internal Workflow Rule is selected.
4. Specify the rule name (required) and rule definition (optional).
5. If you have selected Internal Workflow Rule complete the following steps:
a. Click the Select A Value icon to choose the Level 1 user or user group. Click the View Details icon to view the contact information about the user.
b. Click AND or OR to add another approver at the first level.
Note: If you use an AND operand, all approvers must approve the pending transaction before it can move to the next level. If you use an OR operand, then only one approver must approve the pending item.
c. If the approver is external to OneData, select the check box External Approver. External users are used to retrieve workflow specific information at that level in external workflow. For more information on external workflow, see External Workflow in OneData .
Note: If a user group is tagged, then all the users in that group become external users.
d. Click Add new Level to create a second level and repeat this step until you have added all levels of approval.
Note: To delete a level, click Delete this Level.
6. If you are creating an external workflow rule, select the Associated Hook.
7. Click Save rule.
8. Next, assign the workflow rule to an object as described in Assigning Workflow Rules to Objects.

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