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Using a Terracotta Server Array to Share Cached Data Among Applications
Terracotta Server Array is a feature of BigMemory that enables distributed caching; with Terracotta Server Array, you can use a shared cache for multiple applications. As shown in the figure below, a Terracotta Server Array generally consists of an active Terracotta Server and a mirror Terracotta Server for high availability. If you require additional storage, you can obtain licensing to add Terracotta Servers and their mirrors to the array.
Terracotta Server Array
Most webMethods products that use Ehcache also support the use of a Terracotta Server Array. To use these products with a Terracotta Server Array, you must install a Terracotta license on the webMethods product.
For additional information about the Terracotta Server Array, see the BigMemory Max product documentation for 4.1 at
Important: webMethods 9.7 products require release 4.1.4 of the Terracotta Server Array. When newer releases of the Terracotta Server Array become available, Software AG may add support for those releases. To check which releases of Terracotta are supported by a webMethods product, see the Terracotta Compatibility with other Software AG Products matrix on the Software AG Documentation website at

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