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In OneData, system objects contain metadata that you can use in service layer functions and to satisfy reporting needs. These data objects are created implicitly when OneData is installed.
System objects have the following properties:
*Available only to users with ADMIN role assigned.
*Available only in the Standard Project.
*Available for viewing only.
System objects can be retrieved using REST web services. For more information about REST services, see Developing for webMethods OneData.
The following table describes the different types of system objects.
Type of OneData System Object
Data Stored in the Object
Data Audit Log
Audit information on objects in your repository.
Projects in the repository.
Information about certain types of objects in the repository. The types of objects present are those defined in the Object Type ID field.
Object Structure
All column and structure details on objects (excludes conceptual objects) as supported by the system object OneData objects.
Object Types
ID and descriptions on all types of objects in the repository.
Summary of all jobs in OneData.
Job Steps
Details of the job steps defined in jobs.
Job Log
Information about logs collected for the jobs.
Information about the users in OneData.
Workflow Audit Log
Audit information on the workflow transactions executed in the repository.
The following sections describe the data fields in each of the OneData system objects.

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