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Submitting Versions for Approval
The process of versioning includes creating a Major or a Minor Version, which follows the approval process defined by the associated workflow rule.
* To submit a version for approval
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data.
2. Navigate to the object you want to edit or view and select it.
3. In the filter, enter the version. You must specify a filter for the column qualified as the Version Indicator.
Note: If entering records for the first time, the only version available to filter is 1.New. If records already exist in the object and this is the first version, then the option is 1.Pending.
4. Click Next.
OneData displays the matching records if your account is assigned approver privileges.
5. Approve the records and select Submit for Approval when the version is ready for approval.
Note: After the version is submitted for approval, only the approvers who are next in the workflow pipeline can edit or add records for this version. The versioned object is editable only for the approvers at the level where the version is currently pending. All the remaining users can only view the data.

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