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Docker Command Parameters
This section describes the various parameters used in the Docker run command.
Value Description
Any value to confirm your acceptance of the end-user license agreement. Required setting for the OneData image.
-e OneData schema=password
The password of the OneData Metadata (passwordmd), Work Area (passwordwa), and Release Area (passwordra) schemas.
-env-file /ODE_DOCKER_ENV
The ODE_DOCKER_ENV file name with path. This file contains connection details to connect with the database and Elasticsearch.
--mount source=locateData,
The Docker volume name (locateData) for Locate and the volume directory (/opt/softwareag/Locate/data).
TCP port on the host environment ( with a TCP port in the container (9090). In this example, OneData is listening on the TCP 9090 in the container. It is exposed to the port 9090 on the host. is the host IP. To access OneData image outside the host, provide the machine IP.
Linux container image for the latest OneData version (10.3).
Run the OneData Docker image as a background process.
Run the OneData Docker image in the foreground in interactive mode (-i), -t (-tty Allocate a pseudo-TTY)

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