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Preparing for Docker Containerization of OneData
Before you start setting up the Docker container for OneData, ensure that you complete the steps given here.
* To prepare for Docker containerization of OneData
1. Ensure that you have installed Docker from the Docker website.
2. Ensure that you have a supported version of Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server Database.
This database can be a Docker or a non-Docker database.
For the list of database versions OneData supports, see System Requirements for Software AG Products.
3. If you do not have an existing database with the schemas already configured:
a. Install webMethods Database Component Configurator from the Software AG Installer.
b. Use Database Component Configurator to install the scripts for the Metadata, Work Area and Release Area Database schemas.
c. Make note of the JNDI names for the Metadata, Work Area, and Release Area schemas for use in the environment file required while configuring Docker.
4. If you want to use the search capability of the new Data Steward user interface, use one of these methods:
*Make note of details of the existing Elasticsearch version 5.6 installation.
*If you do not have Elasticsearch installed, install Elasticsearch version 5.6.* by using one of these options:
*From the Elasticsearch website
*Through Internal Data Store available in Software AG Installer
*From Docker @ Elastic, install the Docker's Elasticsearch version 5.6.*
5. Make note of your Elasticseach cluster name.
6. If you plan to use webMethods Locate with OneData, create a custom volume for Locate data files on your Docker container as described in How do I Copy Locate Data Files to the Docker Image?.

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