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Installing Trillium
Data quality solutions perform cleansing and matching processes on your data. The OneData consolidation process uses the TS Quality module of the Trillium Software System as one of the options for providing cleansing and matching features.
Note: After you install Trillium, integrate Trillium to work with OneData, as described in Integrating Trillium with OneData . Then configure the cleansing and matching projects as described in, Creating Projects in Trillium and cleansing and matching services as described in Creating Data Quality Services in Trillium.
1. Install Trillium Metabase Server using Create Metabase. This stores the Trillium configuration information.
2. Install the Trillium Client and Control Center. In Control Center, you can create TS Quality projects where you can define cleansing and matching rules.
3. Install Trillium Director. In Trillium Director, you create cleansing and matching servers to expose the APIs that implement cleansing and matching features.
4. Set the following environment variables on the OneData client machine to which the API call is made:
*TRILLDIRADDR. IP address of the machine where Director is active.
*TRILLDIRPORT. Port of the machine where Director is active.

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