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Contains the data associated with a data object in the OneData release area. The data in the cache includes master/reference data from the tables associated with the data object. The cache also contains configuration metadata, which occupies a minimal amount of space in the cache.
The name of the cache is constructed dynamically as follows: DO#objectid#repositoryid#projectid#clientid#schemaid .
This cache always resides on a Terracotta Server Array.
The following table shows the number of elements, their size, lifetime, cache type, and if they are searchable or not.
Element Size
Element Lifetime
Cache Type
1 per record in the release area for associated data object
Varies because caches are dynamically generated based on the number of data objects (tables) that need to be cached. (Elements in a cache containing records for a sample customer master data object, for example, are approximately 2,550 bytes each. A million records of customer master data may occupy 2 GB of space in the cache.)
As long as the OneData application is active

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