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Obtaining the XSD from OneData
You can obtain an XSD in two ways:
*Append /XSD or /XMLSchema to the RESTful URL for the object or interchange mapping and execute the HTTP GET call.
Note: When the REST URL is invoked, the interchange mapping type must be set to type XML or XSD. Specify this by appending /XSD or /XML to the end of the URL.
For example, to obtain the XSD from the REST URL http:// localhost:8080/onedata/rest/QA/StandardProject/DO/Employee, append /XSD to the URL as follows:
*Generate the XSD directly from OneData as explained below.
* To obtain and download XSD from OneData
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data.
2. Select the object of which you want to generate the XSD.
3. In the Data Manager screen, click View > Definition.
Note: If the object mode is Default, click the Advanced Definition tab.
4. Click the + symbol next to External Services to expand the tab.
5. In Column Prefix, verify if the correct option is selected:
*No Prefix. Defined XML Element Name or physical table name is not prefixed to the column name. Use this value when generating the XSD for records created in OneData versions 9.7 and earlier.
*XML Element Name. The column prefix, which is the physical table name or the user-specified prefix name, specified in the XML Element Name of the object definition. By default, the column prefix is included for all new records created in OneData version 9.8 and later.
6. Click Generate XSD to obtain the XSD.
Note: You can also download the XSD by clicking Download XSD.
Obtain the XSD and construct XML according to this XSD. Using the HTTP client, POST the created XML through the RESTful web service link. For examples of constructing XML using XSD, see XSD Samples by Object Type.

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