Managing Master Data with webMethods OneData 10.5 | Managing Master Data with webMethods OneData | Developing for webMethods OneData | REST Web Services | REST URL Parameters | processingMode
The action to perform. The default value is update. For example, processingMode=update.
Object Type
Action to perform
Conceptual objects
Delete hierarchy, purge hierarchy, and restore hierarchy.
Note: In conceptual objects, when you delete the partial hierarchy, OneData deletes the complete hierarchy. Also, you cannot delete child data objects.
Self recursive (SR)
Purge root nodes. Restoring root nodes must be done as a data object action on each object. For more information, see Self Recursive Objects.
Network recursive (NR)
Restore/purge root nodes. This is a two step process:
*Child nodes in one XML.
*ONLY root nodes in second XML.
Data objects
Insert, update, update only, delete, purge, restore.

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