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Alternate key to use when data is being modified. This is required if the primary key column value does not exist in the data file. For conceptual objects, if processingMode is delete, purge, or restore, the alternate key is only required for the root object.
Valid values are any combination of entity object names and physical column names of data objects which are unique and non-null. There is no default value. Use the format:
*Data objects. alternateKey=COLUMN1,COLUMN2
*Conceptual objects. alternateKey=co_obj1=COLUMN1; co_obj2=COLUMN2,COLUMN3, where co_obj1 and co_obj2 are the constituent objects and COLUMN1, COL2, COL3 are the corresponding physical column names.
*Conceptual objects. alternateKey=entity_obj1=COLUMN1,COLUMN2;entity_obj2=COLUMN3, where entity_obj1 and entity_obj2 are the object names of the constituent objects of the conceptual object, and COLUMN1, COLUMN2, COLUMN3 are the corresponding physical column names.
Note: For conceptual objects, you must encode special characters and spaces in alternate keys to prevent breaking the URL. If no alternate key is provided, the system assigns the primary columns of the data object as the alternate key.

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