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Mapping a Matching Project to Consolidation (Staging) and Consolidation Gold Objects
Use the following procedure to create a Project-Object Mapping from a matching project to the Consolidation (Staging) object and the Consolidation Gold object.
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Data Quality > Consolidation > Project Mapping.
2. In Filter by Project, select the appropriate matching project for the data quality server used.
3. Click Project-Object Mapping.
4. Click Add New Mapping.
5. Define the following fields and click Save.
a. In Staging Object, select the staging object. Typically, the Consolidation or Gold object whose columns you want to map for data cleansing.
b. In Staging Object Attribute, select the appropriate attribute for which the mapping is required.
c. In Project, select the appropriate matching project.
d. In Gold Object, select the appropriate Consolidation Gold object.
e. Map the staging, project, and Gold attributes as shown in this sample listing of attributes for a Trillium project:
Staging Object Attribute
Project Attribute
Gold Object Attribute
CLN _StreetAddress
CLN _State
CLN _PostalCode
CLN _Country
CLN _WindowKey
f. Select Is Window Key? if you are mapping a Windowkey.
For example, the first four characters of the OUT_Address2 are used to generate a Windowkey04, as described in Windowkeys.
If the mapping is for a OneData matching project, and the selected attribute was defined using the Add Windowkey option, this check box is automatically selected and cannot be modified. However, you can use Is Window Key? to assign all other attributes as Windowkeys.
g. Click Save.
6. Provide Matching Configuration as specified Configuring Matching.

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