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Creating a Matching Project
Use the following procedure to create a matching project in OneData and configure the connection to the data quality server that you are using.
Note: Before you begin this procedure, if your data quality server is webMethods Integration Server, ensure that you have already configured a connection to the data quality server in Connection Manager.
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Data Quality > Consolidation > Project Mapping.
2. Click Add New Project.
3. Define the following fields.
Select the server as Trillium Software, webMethods IS, or webMethods OneData.
Server Type
Select the matcher.
Project Name
Define the name of the cleansing project using the following sample recommendations:
*If Trillium, set the name to CDI_MatchingProject.
*If webMethods Integration Server, set the name to IS_MatchingProject.
*webMethods OneData, set the name to OneData_MatchingProject.
4. Define the remaining fields for the data quality server you are using, as follows:
*For Trillium, define the remaining fields, as follows and click Save.
Service Code
Set the system ID of the Trillium service as B.
Server Name
Set as MB2B.
Server Host Name
Set as the Trillium Director,
Server Port
Set to the Trillium Director port, as 8888.
Match Level
Select the matching level to apply:
*Level 1. Matches based on the attributes set at Level 1.
*Level 2. Matches first for Level 1 attributes. If there is a match for Level 1 attributes, then a match is performed on Level 2 attributes. If Level 1 matching fails, no matching is performed on Level 2.
Attributes are set at Level 1 and Level 2 rules in Trillium.
Inherit Attributes from Default Project
Select to inherit attributes from the default project.
*For webMethods IS, define the remaining fields, as follows and click Save.
Select the Integration Server connection as, IS_Connection.
For help with creating Integration Server connections, see webMethods OneData User’s Guide.
Service Folder
The folder in which the service pub.onedata.consolidation.Samples resides.
Service Name
Define the name of the service as matcher.
*For OneData Matching, select the Inherit Rules from Default Project check box to automatically populate the default OneData attributes.
5. Click Save.
6. Define the mapping attributes for the matching project.
For information about mapping attributes specific to each data quality server, see:
*Defining Attribute Mappings for Data Quality Matching Projects.
*Defining Rules and Rule Mappings for a OneData Matching Project

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