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Building a Process Flow
In Process Flow Designer, you can create a process flow diagram only within the hook definition. For more information about the Process Flow Designer, see Process Flow Designer.
* To build a process flow
1. On the Menu toolbar, select Define > Configuration > Hooks.
2. Click Add Hook.
3. Select the Hook Type as Process Flow.
4. Click the Add process flow icon .
5. In the Process Flow Designer, add model components and process items to build your process flow by dragging them onto the canvas. For information about model components, see Model Components. For information on process items, see Process Items.
6. Use connectors to link the components as follows:
a. Click the Enable Connector icon from the top of Designer. Hold the focus of the mouse over the first of the two components to be connected. The pointer of the mouse changes to a hand.
b. Click the mouse on the first component and drag the mouse to the second component and release it. The two components are now connected.
Tip: To delete the connector, click the connector. When the connector turns blue, press the DELETE key.
c. Double click the connector to define a name.
Important: A name is required when the connector is used for branching with Decision process items and CustomJava process items.
7. After you create the diagram, click the Save icon on top right of Designer.
8. To edit another process flow, in the Process Flow Diagram drop-down, select the diagram and click the Load Graph refresh button.
Important: If you switch to another process flow diagram without saving the current diagram, you will lose the unsaved data.

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