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Defining Session-Level Preferences
The Shortcut toolbar in OneData allows you to define session-level preferences for controlling how OneData displays records and search options in the current session. These settings are temporary and are not saved for future sessions.
You can customize the following preferences using the icons on the Shortcut toolbar:
*Advanced Filtering. Controls whether OneData displays advanced search operators, such as NOT LIKE and NOT IN in the filter options.
*Audit Columns. Controls whether OneData displays audit columns in filters and search results. When a record is updated, OneData logs the timestamp and user who made the changes for auditing purposes. These columns can be included in searches and when viewing data records.
*Number of Rows. Defines the number of records to display on a single page. Larger values may increase the length of time it takes OneData to retrieve and display data.
* To define session-specific preferences
*On the Shortcut toolbar, click the icons to toggle displays modes:
*Click Advanced Filter to toggle advanced filtering on or off.
*Click Audit Columns to toggle audit columns on or off.
*In Number of Rows, enter a new value to change the number of records OneData displays in a single page.
OneData applies the settings for the current session.

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