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Summary of Configuration Steps
Perform the following steps to configure the Consolidation Server:
1. Install a data quality server:
*For cleansing, install a data quality server like webMethods Locate or Trillium.
*For matching, use either the inbuilt OneData Matching, install Trillium, or create data quality services in webMethods Integration Server.
If you choose to create data quality services, you can use the sample data quality service in the wmOneData package to create more data quality services. These samples use the foundational services provided in the data quality package wmDataQuality. For more information on the data quality services, see Data Quality Services.
2. Configure cleansing and matching projects in the installed data quality server.
3. Define data objects in OneData for Consolidation (Staging) and Gold tables.
4. Configure cleansing and matching projects in OneData.
5. Add data to the Consolidation (Staging) by doing one of the following:
*Input the source data to Consolidation (Staging).
*Define two interchange mappings:
*From the source to Consolidation (Staging) for the source data.
*From Consolidation (Staging) to Gold.
6. Configure the pattern mapping in the matching project.

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