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Managing User Profiles
Changing An Email Address
OneData users can change their personal profiles and assign a backup user. This functionality is relevant for change management, where all change requests and workflow transactions are diverted from the original user to the backup user for the time period specified. The following table describes the personalization options in Personalize > User Profile.
Is a backup user?
Indicates whether the specified user is currently a backup user. A user can only be the backup for one user at a time. A user that is already assigned as a backup, cannot be assigned to another user.
Designated Backup User
Designates a user as the backup user.
Date for backup user to be activated. If this field is not set, the backup user is activated immediately.
Date for backup user to be inactivated. At the end of the date range, all workflow items and change requests revert to the original user. If this field is not set, the backup user is active permanently.
User's default email address. Change the email address at any time by entering a new one and clicking Save.
Password for service layer security
An encrypted string password parameter for use in web services or API functions.

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