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Deleting a Column in an Object
When you delete a column in OneData, the column is logically deleted and still exists in the database. Logically deleted columns can be physically deleted from the table.
To physically delete the logically deleted column, deselect the system property Disable General DDL and regenerate the table.
For more information about the system properties, see Administering webMethods OneData.
Important: You cannot delete audit columns in an object.
* To delete a column in an object
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Objects and select the relevant object.
2. Click the Structure tab.
3. Click Show Structure and click the Delete icon corresponding to the column you want to delete.
OneData displays an icon beside the logically deleted column. The column remains in the database, but OneData hides it in other modules.
4. To physically delete the column, click Synchronize > Regenerate Table.
Important: When you regenerate a table with a logically deleted sequence column, the trigger(s) associated with this column must be manually deleted in the database.

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