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Organizing Columns into Groups
Groups are used to organize object columns and configure how columns display for data entry. Groups are useful to logically define, group, and display values for objects that have a large amount of attributes or columns. Groups can be collapsible, and group order can be configured for groups that have already been allocated to objects.
Organizing groups into columns is a multi-step process:
*Create a group.
*Assign the group to an object.
*Assign the columns to the specific groups.
* To organize columns into groups
1. Create a new group:
a. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Configuration > Groups.
b. Click Add New Group.
c. Enter name and description for the group and click Save.
2. Assign the group to an object:
a. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Objects and select the relevant object.
b. Click Groups tab.
c. Click Assign Groups.
d. Select the group created from Available Groups to Selected Groups.
e. Click Save.
f. To order the groups, click Manage Group Mappings and set the order of the groups.
Note: To display the group as collapsed by default, select the Is Collapsed? option.
3. Assign the columns to the specific groups:
a. Click the Structure tab in the object definition.
b. Click the Edit icon of the column and select the group in Group.
Note: If you select Edit Multiple Columns, you can assign Group to multiple columns at a time.
c. Click Save.

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