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Data Quality Hooks
Cleansing and matching can be done using interactive hooks. These hooks are generated automatically when a OneData project is created. The following data quality hooks are available:
DQ Auto Match
Used to perform matching.
DQ Cleanse Record
Used to cleanse the records.
DQ Manual Match
If there is more than one match in the Gold table, the user can manually choose which Gold record to link or create a new Gold record, if a perfect match does not exist.
Note: If there is no match, the cleansing status in the Consolidation (Staging) object is updated to either Linked Manual or Created Manual. The match results are listed in descending order of the match score.
DQ Unmerge Record
Used to drop the link to a Gold record that was already created. The cleansing status in the Consolidation (Staging) object changes to Cleansed.
Note: Each of the hooks is available as Java RMI and Stored Procedure. Define the number of records to pass to the data quality server for matching using the properties, onedata.dataquality.matchwindowsize and onedata.dataquality.useMatchWindowSize, as explained in .

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