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Configuring Caching
To use the in-memory database caching feature, you must modify the OneData properties file. For information about modifying the properties file, see Administering webMethods OneData.
To use REST to retrieve data for a conceptual object from cache, caching must be explicitly enabled for all the child objects of the conceptual object.
* To configure caching
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Objects.
2. Navigate to the required object and select the Cache tab.
3. Define the configuration parameters:
Enable Caching?
Whether to enable metadata/data caching for the object. At start up, OneData loads only the metadata for the objects in which this option has been enabled.
Cache Implementation
Displays Terracotta.
Create Cache on Start-up?
Whether to load the data cache at start-up. When this setting enabled, if Enable Caching? is also enabled, the data cache is also loaded at start-up along with the metadata cache for the object.
Named Cache Key
Whether OneData generates a unique key to identify the cache for the selected data object (for data objects only). The key contains [Type of Object] / [Object ID in Production] / [Repository] / [Client ID] / [Project ID] / [Schema ID].
Note: This parameter is available for data objects only.
Maximum Records In Memory
Maximum number that the ehcache configuration property maxEntriesLocalHeap can be set to. maxEntriesLocalHeap controls the maximum number of cache entries that can exist in local heap memory.
Note: If you do not provide any value or set the value as 0, OneData makes an infinite number of cache entries.
4. Click Save.
5. Click Refresh Cache to refresh the data cache immediately. Confirm whether to refresh the dependent object(s) to reload the object and the associated objects. When you click on Cancel, only the selected object is reloaded.

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