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Managing Workflow
Managing Pending Workflow
Viewing Pending Workflow Transactions
Viewing the Workflow Model
Objects can be assigned workflow rules that require approval from another user to control when a record is inserted or deleted, or when a column is updated in an existing record. OneData automatically create workflow action items and routes records that require approval to user designated in the workflow rule.
OneData automatically notifies users when there are pending workflow items by displaying an alert message on the Home page. The Workflow Inbox includes a filter option so that you can control which pending workflow items display.
In Nova mode, you can enable workflow to be compatible with the data manager function (defined in Administer > System > System Properties > Enable Nova Workflow). This configuration displays the following properties on the Details screen:
*Multiple descriptions, if any, for a parent reference column.
*Option to input Yes or No for boolean columns.
*Command hooks associated with the conceptual object. Or, if none, the command hook associated with its root node.
*Sub Type column for a supertype-subtype structure. The Show Details screen displays the details of the subtype column (with the existing values). You can save the changes made to any columns or the subtype on the Show Details screen.
View the workflow status in the Details screen. The value Assigned for Creator Feedback indicates that the approver rejected record changes and action is required by the object creator.

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