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Restricting the Values in a Foreign Key Column
You can create a filter, known as a constraint filter, so that the values that display in a reference column (foreign key) are restricted to only those specified. For example, while accessing the State object, the Country reference column can be restricted to only those on the continent “ABC,” by specifying Continent=”ABC” in the Constraint Filter field.
* To restrict values using a Foreign Key constraint filter
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Objects and select the object in which you want to restrict the foreign key values.
2. Select the Structure tab.
3. Click Edit Constraints.
4. Click on the Edit icon next to the foreign key constraint.
5. Scroll down to Constraint Filter. Select a column from the drop down and click the arrow button to show in the box next to it.
6. Enter the criteria to apply to the records shown in the reference pop up.
Note: You must qualify string values using single quotes.
7. Click Save.

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