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OneData Functions
In OneData, the menu options vary according to the user’s security privileges and the object properties. Common end-user functions include the following:
*Object management: Create, edit, view, and delete all the properties of objects, which include tables, and views. These functions may be limited to users with administrator privileges.
*Record management: Create, view, edit, and delete records and data values within objects. OneData includes an import feature to import records from an external repository. You can also export data to an external repository, mail records to an email recipient, and create a file of records. The functions available may vary according to the user’s security privileges.
*Sort records: Filter records to return only the data that contains specific values.
*View record hierarchy: View the relationship between records with foreign key relationships, including self recursive and network recursive relationships in a visually represented hierarchy.
*View and track audit history: OneData automatically audits data, tracking changes to records. You can also track changes to metadata, that is information about internal system parameters.
*Personalize OneData : Customize how OneData displays and how specific objects display.
*Workflow features: Route work, including approving data changes to specific users.
*Reporting: Generate reports on data changes.

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