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The OneData Interface
Navigating in OneData
Viewing Objects Graphically
The Home Page is the first page displayed when you sign in OneData. (The first time that you access OneData, you will be directed to the Change Password page.) The Home page consists of four standard portals:
*Welcome area: Displays a welcome message and other relevant information. You can customize the content that displays on this page.
*News: Displays news and messages. You can customize the content of this page.
*Inbox: Displays pending change requests or workflow items and a link to navigate to the approval page.
*Favorites: Displays your personalized favorites (also available in the Favorites menu in the Menu toolbar).
The Inbox and Favorites portals have content specific to OneData and cannot be customized for content. The presentation of all these portals can be customized.
For more information, see Administering webMethods OneData.
Note: OneData standard portals cannot be deleted, but can be inactivated with the Is Visible function.

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