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Import Job Exception Queues
Managing Records in the Exception Queue
Scheduling Exception Queue Reports and Notifications
The exception queue is automatically created for each interchange mapping profile. The exception queue is available whenever an import is performed using an interchange mapping profile and when partial commits are enabled for imports.
The following validation exceptions are handled in the ETL framework:
*Workflow validations
*Temporal validations
*Timebound validations
*Passive constraints
*Cardinality rules
*Rules engine
*Regular expressions
The exception queue has two configurable properties:
*Exception Queue Threshold. Defines the maximum number of batches that can have exceptions before the import process is aborted. The default value is 10 (batches) and is configurable in the property, onedata.interchangeexecution.termination.threshold.
*Exception Queue Fetch Size. Defines the number of rows that can be displayed in the Exception queue. The default value is 200 and is configurable in the property, onedata.exceptionqueue.fetchsize.

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