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Configuring the Terracotta Server Array for Use with webMethods Product
The Terracotta license provided with your webMethods product requires the use of BigMemory Hybrid. You must configure your Terracotta Server Array to use the Hybrid extension. The Terracotta Server Array can contain a single stripe with two servers (an active server and a mirror server) to provide high availability. The configuration and behavior of the Terracotta Server Array is specified by parameters in a configuration file called tc-config. This file identifies the servers that make up the array and specifies whether the servers are mirrored. This file also contains parameters that relate to the capacity of the server, parameters that control certain behaviors of the clients that connect to the array, and a healthchecker (a process that monitors the connections between the Terracotta Server Array and its clients).
For BigMemory Hybrid, you set the total data capacity of the server. You can find the total allowable data capacity in your terracotta-license.key under the terracotta.serverArray.maxDataStorage setting. The BigMemory Hybrid server also requires the usage of off-heap storage. The server will utilize the off-heap storage to store the keys associated with all of the cache entries. By default, off-heap storage is configured to use 512MB. For more information, see
Note: The off-heap memory required by the Hybrid server is in addition to the heap memory required by the server. If you are upgrading from version 3.7, you will need at least 512MB of additional off-heap memory.
You can set failover behavior to consistency instead of availability (the default). For information, see the section on failover tuning for guaranteed consistency in BigMemory Max Administrator Guide.

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