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Changing the Order of Import Job Step Execution
When you execute a job, OneData automatically detects the order of execution by the hierarchy created by the foreign key relationship in the metadata. You can change the execution order by setting an order in the import job.
* To change the order of import job step execution
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Data Interchange > Manage Import Job.
OneData displays the existing jobs.
2. Click the Edit icon corresponding to the job that you want to edit.
3. In Manage Job Steps, click Manage Job Steps.
4. On top right of the screen, click Order.
5. Select the Enable Overriding of Job Step Order check box to enforce the job step order that you specify.
6. In Order Job Step, select the job steps and use the arrows to change the order of the step.
7. After the order is set, click Save.
When you execute the job, the job runs the job steps in the order that you have specified.

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