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Defining a Command Hook Job
OneData enables you to define a command hook job for an object. You can then schedule how the command hook job should be run from the Job Center.
For information on how to schedule a command hook job, see Implementing webMethods OneData guide.
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Objects > Hooks > Manage Hook Commands.
2. Locate the command hook which requires a job, and click to edit it.
3. Click Job Definition link on the top right-hand of the hook fields.
4. Define the job properties:
Job Detail
Select from the list of saved filters in Data Manager. During the job run, OneData selects object data based on the selected filter and executes the command hook for each record.
Rollback on Failure
Select to roll back all object changes when the job fails.
Log Options
Select the logging option for the command hook job:
*Do not log. OneData does not create a log of the job.
Log all statements. Logs all executed SQL statements. The log is available for the corresponding job step.
Log errors only. Logs only SQL statements that fail.
5. Click Save.

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