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Integration Server Hooks
IDATA Structure for Integration Server Services Called from iHooks
You can execute an Integration Server service with an Integration Server hook. The following tables lists the Integration Server hook properties.
Note: Multi-select columns and forms are not supported in Integration Server hooks.
Hook Execution Mode
The OneData mode in which the hook should be executed:
Select the required Integration Server connection. Configure Integration Server connections on the Menu toolbar, Administer > System > Connection Manager.
Service Folder
Name of the package in which the service resides.
Service Name
Name of the service the hook should invoke.
Is Interactive Hook?
Whether the hook is an iHook. This property is selected by default and cannot be changed.
Hook Cardinality
Execution parameter that determines when to execute the external program. The hook executes the program based on the number of rows changed:
*0. Hook executes when no rows are changed.
*1. Hook executes when one row is changed.
*n. Hook executes when more than one row is changed.

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