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Browse, Search, Filter FAQ
The following frequently asked questions address the browse, search, and filter features of OneData.
What is the difference between the browse, search, and filter functions in OneData?
*The View > Browse menu finds and displays only objects within folders.
*The View > Search menu searches within all folders, objects, and/or columns in the OneData repository.
*Filtering is a way of limiting the records displayed (returned) to only those that meet specified conditions.
Can I change the alignment of drop-downs and text fields in Data Manager?
Yes. The default column order, column width, and column display length can be configured in the object definition.
For more information on configuring these properties, see Implementing webMethods OneData.
Note: User-level preferences (object personalization) for column order overrides column order configured at the object-level.
In the View > Browse and Manage Data screens for some objects, the filter displays automatically. Is there a way to skip the filter?
Yes. There is an object-level property which specifies whether the Filter tab should be bypassed when an object name is clicked.
For more information on this property, see Implementing webMethods OneData.
If the column order and sort defaults are set at the object level, why are my object personalization settings shown each time I log on OneData?
User-level preferences (personalization is set in Personalize > Preferences) for column order overrides column order configured at the object level.

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