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Managing an Export Job Step
After a job step is added you can manage the job step using several options. You can copy a job step from another job, set an order of execution for multiple job steps, and selectively execute a job. You can also edit or delete a job step by clicking on the job step.
* To copy a job
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Data Interchange > Manage Export Job.
2. Select the job that you want to modify.
3. If you want to edit or delete a job step.
a. Select a job step.
b. On the Command toolbar, click Edit Job Step or Delete to do the required action.
4. To manage job steps, you can do any of the following:
Creates a new job step. You can create a new step or use an existing job step. For information about adding a job step, see the section for creating a job that corresponds to the type of export job you want to create.
Copies a job step from another job. For information about copying a job step, see Copying an Export Job Step.
Click Order to set the order of the job steps. (see below)
Selective Job Step Execution
Click this link only if certain job steps should be executed. You can specify the date and time from which to extract data for the custom incremental date execution of the job step.
5. Click Save.

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