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Adding Job Steps in Database Update Export Jobs
After you create a job step, you must add a job step to the job before it can be executed. You can create a new job step or use an existing job step.
* To add a job step in a database update job
1. Complete the procedure in Adding Job Steps.
2. Define the Job Step Definition properties:
SQL Generation Criterion
*Audit Columns Only. (Recommended)
*Audit Columns & Check In Destination
Not supported for Apache Hive connections.
Destination Schema and Table
Select the destination schema and table.
3. In the column mapping section, select the Destination Column that corresponds to the source column.
Note: If the target table does not have primary key defined, you can specify the primary key on the column mapping screen in the job step definition. If the primary key is defined in the target table, OneData recognizes the key and does not provide a mapping option for the field.
4. Click Save.

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